Currently inspired by :

       Tomorrow I'm definitely going for a walk in the park. Me & my boyfriend will rent some bikes and have fun for as long as we want. Can't wait!


             I love having fresh flowers in my room. Just bought some this morning..

              I really wish I had something like that. Maybe I'll try to do one myself.

       This picture makes me wanna have my own garden that I could decorate whenever I want.


Let there be summer

           These past weeks I've been super busy with school, final exams and projects. However, I've managed to go to see "Pirates of the Carribean" with my boyfriend. It was great ( though we are big fans of Johnny Depp so we might have been a little biased ). Tomorrow I'm going to the theatre. I've been craving for some fun these last weeks..

          As you can see, weather has been really nice. Now, I can finally wear dresses and skirts as often as I want. Summer is almost here and my plans are growing bigger and bigger ( one of them involves learning to play tennis! ).

Summer playlist 1

              Since summer is almost here (thank God!) I've decided to make a playlist with songs that I love and that remind me of my favourite season:

                 1. Kid Rock- All summer long
                 2. Travie McCoy- Need you
                 3. James Blunt- Stay the night
                 4. Weezer- Island in the sun
                 5. Jason Mraz- I'm yours
                 6. The kooks- Seaside
                 7. Big Star- Thirteen
                 8. Stereophonics- Dakota
                 9. Portugal the Man- The sun
                10.The Cat Empire- So many nights

              I'll make more once I'm done with school. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Currently inspired by :

                       Cute ring that would make me remember my boyfriend


                                         One of my favourite sonnets


                                              Good places for reading

Bits and pieces of my room

       When it comes to my room, I'm always trying to change things,to experiment. I get bored immediately and start moving things around. I don't know if that's healthy,but that's just the way I am. I'm still trying to find the perfect arrangement for my sanctuary but I guess that will take a while.Plus,I'm secretly hoping that the time when I'll move with my sister in our own apartment will soon arrive.

       One of the most important decisions concerning my room was to arrange my clothes like that,getting rid of the wardrobe ( I've still got one,but in another room ).That way my room seems more spacious,allowing me to move things around.
                      Fresh and colourful flowers always make my day better.

          I have a collection of funny pencils that I keep on my desk.That way,when I'm stressed about an essay or an important project,they always make me smile and remember that I'll finish soon.


         From now on I'll try to post weekly about a piece of furniture that I like or about something that inspires me! Hope you'll like it!