take me down to the paradise city

        Spring has finally arrived in Bucharest and I am finally working up the courage to write. These past weeks have gone by with the speed of light,I kid you not. I guess that time does fly when you're happy.

                         don't be fooled by my smile,the day was wild.

           Last week,I went on a trip with my classmates and it was awesome. We laughed a lot,took a lot of silly photos and spent 2 days of bliss.

                                                    girl power!

       Now that the nice weather is settling in, I can finally wear T-shirts and lots of skirts! Yesterday I went out with my sister and my cousin and we stayed outside,drinking cold lemonade. That's why I love spring. It's the perfect season: not too cold, not too hot, just perfect.

                        he makes me happy every day of every month

        I plan on making this year my favourite one. I can truly say that I'm happy, the 'happiest' happy I can be. And how could I not be? I have amazing friends, a wonderful boyfriend, a great sister and 2 happy dogs!                      

united states of tara

          I guess that all that time I've spent asking for divine intervention has finally been worth it: we got dexter a sister,tara. She is the cutest dog ever.Seriously. And even though dex was kind of jealous at first, he now defends her and plays with her all day long.

 I can't wait to go out with her
                     and see how she gets along with other dogs.                             

                               tara meeting dexter for the very first time

in the mood for..

  ..a quiet day filled with :

           good coffee: I never was into it before but now I kinda like it.

                                              comfort food

                         a nice place where I could read a good book.
                                 ( I'm currently reading this )        

                                    episodes of 'Hart of Dixie'.