Go Romania!

      I'm not always very proud of my country because a lot of charades have taken place for such a long time. But today I felt like a true Romanian when my country finished 3rd at The Olympic Games, winning the bronze medal in Gymnastics.

     I can only hope more events like this will be promoted in the near future, especially because of the fact that we have so many talented people, not only in Gymnastics or anything related to Sports, but also in Academics ( 1st place in Europe at the International Olympics in Mathematics in 2012 ).

      I'm looking forward to seeing the Individual Competition. Fingers crossed!

                                                       Go Romania!

need you in my closet

   Today I found myself in a crisis. Although I have a full closet, I still feel almost every morning that I have absolutely nothing to wear. So I've decided to change/improve my style and in order to do that, I'll write a post each week about what I like and need. 

Lace top

H&M skinny jeans

Repetto ballet flat

Yves saint laurent lipstick

the seaside - part II

          I just received the last part of the photos today so you can imagine my eagerness to sort them and gaze at them for minutes, trying to remember every tiny detail of the trip.

           Yesterday wasn't my best day because I remembered just how much I don't like girls my age. And yes, I am a feminist, I do believe that women/girls are as smart as men/boys, but sometimes, especially after I see how off the rails their thinking is, I start to have my doubts. Anyhow, yesterday I also understood that I have some smart people by my side and that made me extremely happy and proud.

             Today is my last day of laziness and I'll use it properly, I swear. After this, tomorrow I'm going to take an exam and I'll start preparing for the year to come. I'll also catch up on my reading and my tv shows and start going to the gym again ( heeeellooo, kangoo jumps! ).

               currently listening to :


the seaside -part I

          I just came back from the seaside and it was wonderful.

          I had never been to the seaside with a large group of people until now and I was really looking forward to it. It wasn't quite the greatest experience but maybe I didn't find the right people to spend my holiday with. However, I was super happy because I got to realize how awesome C&C are.

            We spent our week in Costinesti, a small town that is always packed with teenagers looking to have fun. The sea was quite restless for a couple of days so we had to go to the pool, but it was alright, we didn't mind, especially because we jumped a lot in the water.

        I'm now ready to start preparing for this year's exams.It's going to be a hard year, possibly the hardest and definitely most stressful but I hope I'll do fine.                                                                                             


      ... I'm waiting for Sunday to come so I can finally swim in the sea:

       ... I'm going to watch:

                                     the 2nd season of 'The Mentalist'   

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happy pills

      I can't believe half of my summer has already flown by. I gotta admit, I'm just a little bit stressed because I need to take an exam this week. And even though I feel like I'm prepared, I still have a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about it.

              last week, I felt the need for a change so I became a blondie.

       I don't know how most of you spend your summer, but for me the holiday means staying up late, watching countless movies and tv shows, reading whenever and whatever I want, sipping lattés and just making the most out of everything.

                       you've missed Dex and his child face, haven't you?

        Dex and Tara are also enjoying their summer a lot. They love going out and playing on the grass even though Dex is very jealous and can't stand other dogs who want to play with Tara.

        I'm currently planning a trip to the seaside with some of my classmates and I can feel, as I'm writing, that kind of excitement that foresees an amazing adventure. I hope we'll have the time of our lives!


            Perfect song for a summer night when a glass of wine is your best friend: