Road trip


            Last weekend was one of those weekends you never forget. I organized a road trip which turned out to be a great idea!

H&M top and shoes
thrifted trousers
           I don't know about you,but I love sitting in the car,listening to good music while my dad is driving towards an unknown destination.

            And when the view is like this all I can do is sit in the grass,dream and hope that my future will be filled with this kind of moments.

             I think my dog, Dexter, was the happiest of us all. He ran all day, played in the grass and then slept like a baby even when we were listening to AC/DC. Now, that's what I call a good sleep!

             When we got back from our short trip, although I was asleep on my feet, I spent at least 3 hours on tumblr.Yeah,I know,a new addiction. But you gotta admit it's pretty great. I mean,where else could I find so many pictures of my favourite actors,quotes or smart ideas for my room?! You guys should totally check it out. And if you want to see how I spend countless hours of my life,just go here:                
             And since I talked about my road trip, here's a perfect song for those long rides I never get tired of :


Forever yours

                 Love you!

                                                                                                Forever yours,

Currently inspired by :

           Zooey Deschanel is a goddess. Not only is she beautiful but she's a good actress and singer,too.


         I loved her role in "500 days of summer" and can't wait for "The New Girl" to be released.

         For some time now, I've also started listening to She&Him so you could say I am truly a Zooey Deschanel fan.


Happy Happy Joy Joy

        Yesterday I've been on an improptu trip with my family in Balchik,Bulgaria. Although my parents weren't impressed, I really loved discovering the old city, eating good food and spending my time at the beach.

        The city was lovely. I especially liked the fact that it's super quiet! Everytime I go to the seaside in Romania I find myself assaulted by the loud music. Here, I could even hear myself thinking!


         I ate at a wonderful restaurant by the sea. I chose the Chinese chicken with rice and also some garlic bread which was awesome. The BEST bread I've eaten in my entire life. 

           After lunch, my sister and I went for a walk in the city, took some photos, talked, made other summer plans..

          We loved the fact that there were lots of Art Galleries. Also, the small, old houses were adorable. We found at least 5 that we'd love to live in.

            I promised that next time I'll be in Balchik I'll try some of that too. Now I'm praying to God we won't go again soon. Yeah,I know, I'm a scaredy-cat.

          Sooo,that was my trip to Balchik. I'm really glad my summer started like this and I hope all 3 months will be filled with happiness, moments spent with friends and good laughs.                                

Summer reading list

            Last week,my sister wrote me a reading list that I've decided to share with you. So,here it is:

                      1. " The bell jar" - Sylvia Plath
                      2. " The Master and Margarita" - Mikhail Bulgakov
                      3. " Living to Tell the Tale " - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
                      4. " Madame Bovary " - Gustave Flaubert
                      5. " Eugenie Grandet " - Honore de Balzac
                      6. " Pride and prejudice " - Jane Austen
                      7. " Crime and punishment " - Fyodor Dostoevsky
                      8. " The Idiot " - Fyodor Dostoevsky
                      9. " Anna Karenina " - Leo Tolstoy
                    10. " The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo " - Stieg Larsson
                    11. " The Girl Who Played with Fire " - Stieg Larsson
                    12. " The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest " - Stieg Larsson
                    13. " Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter " - Mario Vargas Llosa
                    14. " Morometii " - Marin Preda
                    15. " Enigma Otiliei " - George Calinescu
                    16. " The Three Musketeers " - Alexandre Dumas
                    17. " Viata pe un peron " - Octavian Paler
                    18. " Trei dinti din fata " - Marin Sorescu
                    19. " Ciocoii vechi si noi " - Nicolae Filimon
                    20. " Patul lui Procust " - Camil Petrescu

Currently inspired by :

          Seeing this photos makes me wanna have a better camera so I could catch all the beautiful colours around me.


Pocketful of sunshine

            These past two days have gone by pretty fast. I'm at my cousin's place, laughing and having fun all day long. I'll be staying here until tomorrow because unfortunately I've still got to endure one more week of torture.

           Life is pretty good right now.Yesterday I went out with two good friends, chatted a lot,drank a pint of beer and all in all,relaxed.
           This next week will hopefully be my last one in the horrible highschool that I'm studying at. I plan on enjoying my time there, ignoring all my classmates and making the most of the time spent with my boyfriend.


          On a happier note, is it normal that I've been singing like this all weekend ?


Currently inspired by :

      I love everything about this house: the colours, the furniture, the summer-like feeling.

                           There's nothing better than a healthy dessert, is it?

                                         Perfect place, perfect time.


           Today I'm wearing :
H&M shoes and sunglasses
unknown sweater
Zara dress
          eating :

             reading :

              and listening :


my life in snapshots

          Some days are just perfect! Saturday,Sunday and Monday have been that way for me. As I told you before, Saturday I went to see a play with my boyfriend. It was great: so deep and emotional and with wonderful actors. I'm glad to see there are still beautiful,talented individuals in a country where all the wrong values are promoted.

         On Sunday, we went for a walk in the park. We had a nice picnic with unhealthy,yummy food. I promise next time we'll eat vegan food! In the evening, I went again to the theatre,this time with my sister. We saw a comedy that wasn't as inspiring as the first play but at least we laughed a lot.

           Monday came by pretty quickly and I went out with my sister and some good friends.We went to a nice,little bar that had all kinds of old,communist commercials on the walls.It was good to go out after a long day at school,although I wasn't in my top shape.We talked about our latest projects, drank some good tea and all in all,spent a lot of quality time together.