summer days

    * when your only care is what to wear today

      * when you celebrate your 2nd year anniversary with the one you love

       * when you realise being happy is your most important job


katie on a swing

     Even though I still have to go today to school to pick up my grades, I already feel like I'm on holiday. Maybe it's because yesterday I spent half a day with tib in the park.

  Or maybe,just maybe it's because I've decided to spend every single day like the last one. I know, it sounds like a cliché, but it's true.

you can finally see katie on a swing

I sure hope this summer will be everything I'm expecting it to be because,in a way, I see it as the last summer of freedom. Next year, I'll be taking my national exams and then I'll be off to college. So I'll try my best to have fun now.

I am wearing :    Bershka skirt & top
                                     thrifted necklace & shoes

Hope you have a great day!


the night is young and so are we.

        Last week, my friend, Louise returned from France where she spent a year studying Economics. So,of course, we had to go out and celebrate! 

         We had a blast, I tell you! I had almost forgotten how much I love going out with my sister and L. It's at times like these that you realise who your friends are. I've been disappointed by a lot of people in the past, but when I got to sit and think about it, I came to the conclusion that everything that happens, happens for a reason and if people aren't in your life anymore, that just means they weren't supposed to be in it.


        Thank God, I still have a lot to be thankful for and I have last night to prove it! I'm sure we'll get to repeat the night for many,many times because, honestly, you can feel when you can count on someone.


          My song this week:

    ..and no,not just because it reminds me of this.                                         

that summer feeling

              As I was telling you before, I already wrote my 'To Do' summer list and it goes like this:

  • read: 
           1. 'Anna Karenina ' - Leo Tolstoy
           2. 'Crime and Punishment ' - Fyodor Dostoyevsky
           3. 'Morometii '- Marin Preda
           4. 'The three musketeers'- A. Dumas
           5. 'After the Quake'- H. Murakami
           6. 'Jane Eyre' - C. Brontë
           7. 'Pride and Prejudice' - J. Austen
           8. 'The Red and the Black' - Stendhal

  • watch:
          1. House
          2. Freaks and Geeks
          3. Friends
          4. Scrubs
          5. That 70's Show
          6. Legend of the Seeker
          7. Awkward
          8. Merlin
          9. Joey
         10. The secret circle
         11. Mad Men
         12. Out of Africa
         13. The Avengers
         14. Carnage
         15. Sylvia
         16. On the Road
         17. The apartment
         18. Godfather 2
         19. 12 Angry Men

  • go to the seaside with my friends
  • drink a lot of lemonade
  • get fit

  • go to a picnic
  • attend a karaoke night
  • go to the movies once a week
  • play with my dogs more often
  • try to finish a DIY project
  • cook for my family
  • stop drinking soda
  • go on a trip with my family
  • organize my closet
  • update my blog at least twice a week
  • make the best out of everything

we'd roll and fall in green

      My summer holiday is almost here and I couldn't be happier,I swear.

      Today,I went to the countryside and had a lovely day. I had missed spending a whole day outside, procrastinating,reading and taking photos.

       I haven't been up to much lately and I plan on recovering all the lost time this summer. I've already finished writing my 'To Do' list for the holiday and it seems like my summer will last forever and more. I sure hope I'll get to do at least half of what I've planned.

        I'm in the mood for music,a looot of music. So I've started listening to all the songs and albums from here .   


        One of my favourite songs this week :