it's a wonderful life

       As I told you before,yesterday I went to the seaside. It was lovely. The beach was empty so we got to take some photos and leave Dex run freely on the sand.

        Today I finally stayed home and watched 3 or 4 movies, read and drank a lot of hot tea. Speaking of movies, I saw "It's a wonderful life", Frank Capra's well-known film. It was amazing. I wasn't expecting to fell in love with this movie,but I did. I think I'll see it every Christmas and learn every line that made me smile. Now I'll just leave you with my favourite part of the movie while I go watch "Edward Scissorhands":


this post has nothing to do with Christmas

         Today, I went to the countryside with my family and spent most of my time talking, laughing and listening to great music that has nothing to do with Christmas.

          Tomorrow, I'm going to the seaside, hoping to find the beach empty and take some nice photos. I love doing things that nobody does for Christmas!

                   yesterday, my boyfriend bought me this amazing ring
                                      that I absolutely love                       

                              Have a jolly Christmas!

Good Times

         I can finally say I'm on holiday. The first semester has gone by pretty fast,hasn't it? It seems as though yesterday was September 15 and I was anxious to meet my new classmates. For the past weeks I've been sick and spent most of my time in my room,watching awesome tv shows and breathtaking movies .

                                         I love staying indoors.

        Given that I had a lot of free time,I finished reading 'Fight Club'.When I started reading it, I didn't know what to expect.I thought that if I had already seen the movie,I wouldn't enjoy as much. Man,was I wrong! It was wonderful.I took a lot of notes such as: "There will be mistakes,and maybe the point is not to forget the rest of yourself if one little part might go bad.", "There are a lot of things we don't want to know about the people we love.", "Marla's philosophy of life,she told me, is that she can die at any moment. The tragedy of her life is that she doesn't." and spent quite some time thinking about the things that Palahniuk wrote. 

                                   One day, we went for a walk
             and spent time in the park talking and watching the reindeers.

                                    and I tried to be serious
                           but as you can see that was an epic fail.        

         I have a lot of plans for this holiday. I want to read Stieg Larsson's 2nd volume 'The Girl Who Played With Fire', watch a lot of movies,including 'A Dangerous Method', David Cronenberg's new masterpiece, spend time with my family and friends, go ice skating and eat tons of soup.


              Currently obsessing over this song:


special day with the family

          Yesterday,we celebrated our National Day. My family and I wanted to do something nice,so we visited a part of Romania that we hadn't seen before and finished our day at a traditional restaurant where we ate great food and listened to old Romanian songs.

 although December is already here,I can still wear
shorts without freezing.true story.

       Dexter was very excited to be out in the wild. He ran until he couldn't breathe and then some more. 

         On our way back, while Dex slept like a baby, we listened to Alanis Morissette and made plans for our next trips. You can check out more photos on my tumblr account.                

              This old Romanian song has always cheered me up :