summer in my heart

        Lately, I haven't spent so much time online. Instead, I spent a lot of time with my friends and my family. And I've realized that I don't really need to check my Facebook every single day.
        These past 3 weeks, I've done a lot of things:

             * I went to Dracula's Castle and found out about its history :

               view from one of the castle's windows                  

* I went to the seaside for a day and let Dex and Tara run freely on the beach:

                 * I visited a museum with my boyfriend and had the courage to wear a poncho:    

                 * I redecorated a part of my room and tried to sort my books:

             * I went to the countryside, tried to ride an old bike and drove my father's car:      


                      My favourite song this week is :


scarf it up

      Now that spring has made its way into our lives, I find this video fairly useful :


bohemian like you

    My apathy has finally disappeared and I spent yesterday and today outside,playing with my dogs, watching the latest episodes of my favourite tv shows ( damn it,Hunt has left Christina alone! ) and eating great food ( God bless the inventor of pizza. ).

                                           that's my 'holiday' face

      I have a lot of plans for next week : I want to try and make a lasagna ( I know,it seems impossible, right? ), visit a museum, go to the theatre, read and watch some good movies. I sure hope I have the time to do all those things.

       As you can see, the weather was great this morning. I don't know how it's even possible, but right now, as I am comfortably sitting in my favourite armchair, writing this, it's pouring! And I don't know why, but I kind of like it.Maybe because it makes me feel like this:


bored to death

      It's been almost 3 days since I'm on my spring break and I am already bored out of my mind. I don't necessarily like going to school,but at least I had something to do. I don't know why I hadn't had my usual need for tv shows lately. Of course,I still watch about a dozen of them,but you would be amazed to find out the amount of time I used to spend glued to my laptop,watching countless episodes of whatever came my way. So,right now, I don't really know how to spend all this free time.

       My sister still has a week left until her break ( blame med school for that! ) so I can't spend all the time that I want with her. I do go out a lot with my boyfriend,but not as much as I would like!

        However, the fact that spring has started to take small,baby steps towards my town can only make me leave aside my apathy and enjoy the warm sun. I spent most of my morning in bed, reading in the spring sun with Tara and Dex by my side. Even laziness can have its own way of charming, right?   


           I am currently listening to this: