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fell in love at the seaside

        It's been over a week since I came back from the seaside but I still dream about going again and staying there at least a year. Seriously,I wouldn't mind living near the beach,taking photos every day,eating yummy food and having fun with my boyfriend. Not at all!

       This is the second time we've been together at the seaside and it has been perfect. The food was great, the time spent with him priceless and the late nights on the beach irreplaceable.                                        

        Of course we went shopping almost every evening and one day we had a wonderful surprise. In the tiny corner of a gift shop we found Gustav!

      He was just sitting there,waiting for us to buy him. We love you, Gustav! You've been our friend throughout our journey and you'll always be my favourite pencil! That's a promise!


So,all in all,our trip was perfect. I sure hope we'll get to visit as many places as we possibly can. Together!


Summer changes

          Until now,this summer has been pretty great.I've managed to do almost all the things I had planned.But last week,as I was happily procrastinating, I suddenly decided to give my hair a more pleasant colour.I always hated my hair colour.So,on the spur of the moment, I went to my favourite haidresser and that's the result.

          I was really surprised when I realised I love it! I'm seriously thinking about never changing this colour again! But I'm pretty sure that,as time goes by, I'll grow tired of it.  Let's just hope that won't be too soon.


         Also,if we're at this subject,you gotta listen to my favourite redhead at the moment:

          Hope you guys enjoy your summer! As for me,I'm off to the seaside!