little pieces of autumn

    A few days ago I went for a walk in the park with T., trying to enjoy the fresh air of autumn.

     I still feel like I don't have enough time to enjoy all the little things in my life but at least I'm trying! These past weeks I've started understanding myself better, I've learned to say 'no' even if saying 'yes' would have been easier and I've been at ease about my decisions.

          I've recently discovered this amazing song:


home is where your dogs are

 No matter how hard or how long my day has been, I could never complain when I know I'll be returning to this:

             Have a great weekend!

Currently inspired by:

 Maybe it's the fact that I don't like the music that everyone else listens to or the fact that I'm afraid of falling into mediocrity,but at first I couldn't stand Lana del Rey. I didn't like her music and most of all I didn't like her fake air.

    However, since I've decided to leave away all the inhibitions that sometimes stopped from doing the things that I wanted to do just because I was afraid of what X or Y might think of me, I started listening to her songs. I mean really listening. And her lyrics spoke to me. I felt as if she was just a girl who wanted to express herself.

      So I started listening more and more until her music has become one of my many obsessions.

      My favourite Lana del Rey song:

      * you can find the photos on my pinterest.                                                                            

visit Sighişoara!

 I love visiting places I had never seen before. That was the case for Sighişoara . I had passed several times by it, read about it, saw pictures with it but never visited it.

   Even my parents loved the city. And let me tell you,they're not big fans of visiting old cities or any cities,as a matter of fact.

     It was nice to get out of the house, leave my sweatpants behind, put on my high heels and walk the streets of the city. Although at first I was a little worried because I knew how much homework I had to do when I got back, afterwards I decided to stop feeling guilty and just enjoy the nice Sunday afternoon.

      The food was not great, but it was ok. Maybe we had expected a little bit too much because we ate at a traditional restaurant in the heart of the citadel ( this restaurant is considered to have been the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, known as Dracula ).

      All in all, it was a nice one day trip that helped me recharge my batteries and reminded me that I have a lot of dreams for the future, dreams that no one can take away from me: not a bad day, not bad friends, not even a bad year. I just have to keep focused, enjoy life and be grateful for everything I have.                                            


  Updates: We're all fine,the puppies are doing just great, Tara and Dex are happier than ever and autumn has started to leave its marks all around town.

  I'm still lacking free time and still trying to organize my hectic schedule. I just hope I'll soon find a balance between school and my social life.


Currently inspired by:

   I miss going every weekend on a new trip, feeling like I'm free. Now I have to go to school every Saturday and I often have to spend my Sundays studying. And even though I know it's for my own good, I still feel the need to travel, to see places, to talk to strangers and act as if nobody's watching.

But at least all my favourite tv shows have started so I can take a quick break ( 20 or 40 minutes) whenever I want and laugh my heart out.

      I still love those moments when I discover a great song by accident. This one has been stuck in my mind for a week.                              

she's a mommy

   Tara has given birth to 4 puppies and although I've only slept for about 3 hours last night, I couldn't be happier and prouder of her.

    We all hope they'll be as healthy and as playful as their mommy is. I can't wait to take them for a walk and watch them discover the wonders of the outside world.