novocaine for the soul

   By the time you'll be reading this,I'll be in a train with some of my friends, heading towards the seaside. I really need this short trip before the most stressful time of my life. So if you wonder what I might be doing, I'll probably be spending my nights on the beach, taking in as much of the adventure as I can, watching the sunrise with a bottle of tequila in one hand and Radu near me.


Have a nice day! See you in a couple of days!

*the title :  Eels - Novocaine For The Soul    

active Sunday

     On Sunday,I went to a kangoo jumps event, 'Kangoo & Riders', held in a forest near Bucharest. It was my first time going to such an event and I loved it!


We jumped for almost an hour and for the rest of the day I was full of energy. I'll receive more photos and even videos soon and I can't wait to share them with you.


My new favourite workout song:

how can you swallow so much sleep?

   I'm finally done with some of my exams and I can breathe a little until next week. And sleep. Sleep a lot! Yesterday, after 3 big, ugly exams, I went to kangoo and I was spent. I didn't have an ounce of energy left and it felt as if my bones were made of Jell-O. So I'll probably spend this weekend in bed, listening to music ( does anyone else use this amazing site ? ) or reading 'Looking for Alaska' ( because I'm still a teenager and John Green's writing kind of breaks my heart ).


I love that amazing feeling of freedom you get when you write the last thing on your exam paper and you know you're done. At least for a small period of time. 

And when you have great classmates with whom you can celebrate that small step towards your future, you just can't complain about a single thing! 

* The title is from here :   

Spring Break

   I've been on my spring break for 2 weeks and they've gone by way too fast! It was my last spring break as a highschool student and I was a little bit nostalgic (but also happy because I've hated my time in highschool).

   I did a lot of things during these 2 weeks. Starting with finally getting my driver's license, driving for 300 km, going out and finishing with studying every day for my biology exam.


On one of the first days of the holiday I went with Radu to a nice concert ( his uncle is in a band and we're not ashamed to admit we're groupies ). The pub was amazing and overall we had a great time!

On another night I went out with L. and we danced all night long. We also tried some strange and highly unhealthy shots. They looked like this: 

They were made of absinthe, vodka and fire :))

I think my dogs were the ones to benefit the most from my break. We played every day, went out a lot and took photos almost every day,because you can never have too many, right?!

I went to kangoo twice a week and it has done wonders for my body. Not only have I lost a few pounds, but I also feel great. I am full of energy, I have better balance and I'm always looking forward to that hour of blissful pain.   

On the last Sunday I went to the countryside to a family barbecue. Once again, the dogs were the happiest, but I had a good time too. The trees were in bloom and you could smell the spring in the air. I did my homework at a table near the garden and it was way better than being stuck in my apartment.

Dex and I bid you adieu now because it's almost midnight and we still have a lot of things to do. Have a nice week!

80's wave

  This last weekend was pretty amazing. I got to dress up for L's party. She decided to have an 80's party for her birthday and although my sister and I didn't really know what to wear ( because,well,we weren't alive during the 80's! ), we did a little research and managed to pull off an okay look.


The night was crazy! I danced a lot and even did my kangoo routine with L. And although my muscles were sore on Sunday, it was worth it! 

I hope in the future I'll get to go to a lot of thematic parties because they are a lot of fun and I get to research a certain period or movie/book which is always a smart way of spending my time!