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    Since I'm currently under the pressure of taking my exams, I need an extra amount of inspiration to make it through.

         I would like to have something like that. Isn't it perfect for late night reviews?  

           Eating when you're stressed doesn't have to mean eating junk.

I should always remember not to freak out even when the finish line seems too far away.

Coeur de pirate

    Has anyone else got the strange feeling that time is passing by way too fast? Because lately I found myself wondering when has this school year gone by. It seems that it was yesterday when I first entered my new highschool and now I am already taking my finals!

                       wearing H&M top, shoes & ring and Bershka skirt

     I can hardly wait to finish with my exams and be free to procrastinate.

                                       a nice part of Bucharest     
      The only bad part about the summer holiday is that my favourite tv shows will be on break ( I will really miss Damon ).

        My song of the week is :


1st of May

        This is how my day is going to look:


                                 yummy pizza and healthy salad

amazing moments spent with my sister and my dogs

   I will be listening to this: