you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger,darling

              The past few days have been great. I've met with good friends,read another book by Haruki Murakami,saw a couple of great movies ( if you haven't seen 'Girl,Interrupted' yet,watch it asap ) and discovered a bunch of songs that have been on repeat ever since.

                There's nothing better than going out for a drink with your friends,is it?!

               This week,Louise,a good friend came home from France and she brought my sister and I a magnet for our cow-collection. It was pretty nice to see her and listen to all her funny stories while eating pizza and drinking cold beer. 

         Also,I haven't got the chance to tell you that this week my boyfriend and I celebrated our 15 months anniversary. Yes,we're that kind of couple that counts every second spent together.                                                       

        And since I'm sure you've missed Dexter, I wanted to show you his daily face. Yup,that's right. He smiles like that for no reason whatsoever.


               One of those songs that I was telling you about is this:


about a bag of fries

              You can definitely say autumn has arrived in my town. One can only wish all days would be like today: not too hot but not too cold either. After spending the past week freezing under 3 sweaters,I felt a little bit blessed when I was able to go out with only a scarf and a cape.
             I've also got to complain about another thing that happened to me a few days ago.I was robbed!For the first time!And you wouldn't guess what those little bastards stole: a bag of fries from McDonald's.I mean seriously.I would kind of understand if someone stole my phone or my wallet.But a bag of fries?! Jesus! I felt really ashamed that I have to live in this country.But I decided that as soon as I finish my studies I am out of here!

Currently inspired by :

         Everytime I realise autumn is here,I think about a house like this one.What would it be like to live there?


      “You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.
                                                                                     Albert Camus


           I really liked the movie and the song always makes me jump.

movies from A to Z

        The other day I was surfing the Internet and I found an interesting idea: an alphabetical movie list. So I decided I would try and make one. Here it is :

A – American Beauty
B – Babe
C – Changeling
D –  Doubt
E –  Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
F –  Fight Club
G – Grave Of The Fireflies
H – Howl's Moving Castle
I –  Inception
J – Jeux d'enfants
K – Kill Bill
L –  Lolita
M – Memento
N – Notes On A Scandal
O – One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
P – Persepolis
R – Requiem For A Dream
S – Sin City
T – The Pianist
U – Up In The Air
V – V for Vendetta
X –  X-Men: First Class
Y –  Y Tu Mama Tambien
Z –  Zombieland


Currently inspired by :

                      I never realised that!

            I don't know about you,but this inspires me. A lot. I guess the best advice from that list is "Quit trying to fix other people". I really have a problem with fixing what's wrong but sometimes you just have to mind your own bussiness and be happy with what you have.


about weather and 'Moulin Rouge'

             My reaction to this week's weather was:

          ...and please don't be fooled by my big,fake smile. I was FREEZING! Autumn is already here and although I was happy to wear other clothes, I am almost wishing for summer to come back.


         I don't know if I've told you until now,but I like Ewan McGregor a lot.And I think it started when I was watching this scene from 'Moulin Rouge' :


i heart you

     I'm always searching for inspiration. Every day I spend hours on the Internet or reading,hoping to find something more about life, about myself, about fashion or design.You get the point. So yesterday I started searching for photos with hearts.And look what I found :
                                    ( via iambetterinmyroom )

        Isn't that a great idea of displaying your photos ? I have a lot of photos on my doors or on my walls but I never thought of giving them a nice shape.

                                 ( via )

            This is also a great way of decorating an old door. I've always loved the old-new combination!

                                      ( via hopeful-realist )

                  Lovely necklace!

         My sister is a med student so it's not strange at all that I have photos like this one in my computer. Right?!


         When talking about hearts,I simply cannot forget this amazing song :


a perfect day

         Is there anything better than going out with your friends,having fun,wasting time,sitting on the grass and taking photos? I don't think so!

          After spending the last week studying for my exams,I've decided that a day spent in the park would be a great solution for relaxing and going back to my zen mood.

            I like the fact that everytime we go out I find out about a lot of books that go immediately on my to-read list.By the way,if you don't know, you should check it out.It's a great site where you can make lists with all the books that you've read or with the ones that you plan on reading.

            After spending a few hours in the park,we went for a glass of wine (yum!) at a nice bar, Fat Cat,where we listened to a lot of good,good music.

            I was a little bit sad that I didn't have my camera with me,but even the crappy iphone pictures are a nice reminder of the great day that we spent together. I can't wait to go there again today with tib.

           One of the songs that I rediscovered yesterday was :