take me down to the paradise city

        Spring has finally arrived in Bucharest and I am finally working up the courage to write. These past weeks have gone by with the speed of light,I kid you not. I guess that time does fly when you're happy.

                         don't be fooled by my smile,the day was wild.

           Last week,I went on a trip with my classmates and it was awesome. We laughed a lot,took a lot of silly photos and spent 2 days of bliss.

                                                    girl power!

       Now that the nice weather is settling in, I can finally wear T-shirts and lots of skirts! Yesterday I went out with my sister and my cousin and we stayed outside,drinking cold lemonade. That's why I love spring. It's the perfect season: not too cold, not too hot, just perfect.

                        he makes me happy every day of every month

        I plan on making this year my favourite one. I can truly say that I'm happy, the 'happiest' happy I can be. And how could I not be? I have amazing friends, a wonderful boyfriend, a great sister and 2 happy dogs!                      

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