how can you swallow so much sleep?

   I'm finally done with some of my exams and I can breathe a little until next week. And sleep. Sleep a lot! Yesterday, after 3 big, ugly exams, I went to kangoo and I was spent. I didn't have an ounce of energy left and it felt as if my bones were made of Jell-O. So I'll probably spend this weekend in bed, listening to music ( does anyone else use this amazing site ? ) or reading 'Looking for Alaska' ( because I'm still a teenager and John Green's writing kind of breaks my heart ).


I love that amazing feeling of freedom you get when you write the last thing on your exam paper and you know you're done. At least for a small period of time. 

And when you have great classmates with whom you can celebrate that small step towards your future, you just can't complain about a single thing! 

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