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                This week has been preeeetty hectic. I had planned every day in advance and still didn't manage to do all the things that I wanted to do. Each day was such a bliss..man,I do like holidays.I wish I could just live in an endless one.I could watch all the movies that are on my waiting list (yeah,I think I didn't mention until now that I looove lists), read all the books that I want to read, go to my favourite places anytime I feel like or just spend my time daydreaming.Ok, I gotta stop this or else I won't be capable to go to school tomorrow!!

        So, as I was saying, this week has been all about watching lots of tv shows,movies, finally reading "The Illustrated Man",going out with my boyfriend,eating delicious food ( btw, you gotta try the organic pancakes from Ikea ),spending some quality time with my family and,of course, taking pictures.

Stradivarius top&sweater
unknown shorts
Converse shoes
thrifted hat

         I don't even want to remember that I have a Math test tomorrow! Everything has been so nice lately and now I have to worry about equations and stuff like that..Oh well,I just hope I will be able to focus on my test and still be alive after I'll see my grade.                                  

        Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have developped a rather strange obsession for Courtney Love's band, Hole. It's strange because until now I didn't really like her (in fact, I kind of hated her because of the whole Kurt Cobain thing). I guess you never know. Of course,that doesn't mean that all of a sudden I'll cave and be a Lady Gaga fan also but it's nice if once in a while you discover something great that was just waiting for you. 

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