The September Issue

          As you might have discovered until now,I am somewhat of a freak when it comes to movies. I love watching movies.All kinds of them. So I have to tell you about this last movie that I saw: The September Issue.

          "The September Issue" is actually a documentary that revolves around the famous Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine.It shows how a number of the magazine is created: the hard work that everyone does, the creativity that you need to have in order to work in fashion and all the other not-so-bright aspects of a life that seems almost perfect on screen.

         Before seeing the movie,I didn't really like Anna Wintour.I didn't know much about her,but she seemed like a cold woman,always hiding behind those black sunglasses. After watching "The September Issue",I started liking her a lot.I got to understand her perspective and to respect the fact that she doesn't need to impress anyone. 
         So,I would advise anyone who's interested in fashion to watch this documentary not only because you'll get to see the glamour that surrounds a magazine,but you'll also understand more about the struggle that takes place behind the scenes.

        My rating: 7/10

        My favourite quote: "Fashion's not about looking back.It's always about looking forward."


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