summer trip

           Last month,I went on a trip with my family in Maramures,the northern part of Romania.

H&M bag,top and shoes
unknown shorts
            I've always wanted to visit that area because everybody I know worships it. If you search on the Internet, you find all those great things about Maramures and the beautiful places one can visit but once you get there you realise that a lot of those things weren't very accurate.

            One of the main disappointments was the famous Merry Cemetery, a graveyard known for its colourful tombstones and funny inscriptions about the persons who lay there. I didn't like it because we got to visit it when someone was being burried and the place was filled with grieving relatives.

        The best thing about Maramures was clearly the spectacular view. Everywhere you turned you were surrounded by mountains,flowers or old locals riding their bicycles for miles!

         On one of the days we went searching for The Blue Lake,a lake that supposedly changes its colour after the light and the people who bathe there. Of course we didn't find it,although we wandered in the woods for about 2 hours.
                               one of the greatest traditional restaurants

            On another day we went to Bodi lake which we luckily found! Even though I didn't have my bathing-suit,it was nice to sit on the grass and just enjoy a lovely day.

           The time spent in Maramures went by pretty fast and although this wasn't one of my favourite holidays, at least I got to see a part of Romania I hadn't seen before.

             Now that I'm in Bucharest again, I started missing the big garden we had there and also the 2 beautiful huskies, Cora and Dumbo. After visiting Maramures,the last part of Romania that we hadn't seen, my parents and I decided that the next big trip will definitely be abroad. Can't wait!

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