temporarily lost at sea

   This year,my family and I continued our tradition of going to the seaside during the winter. I love that long drive,the conversations that help us bond,the way my dogs never seem to find the perfect place in the car, the way the sea smells in the winter.
    Maya saw the sea for the first time and she was fascinated! She watched the waves crashing and played with Dex, who is already an expert, on the beach.

       While my dad was driving on the empty highway, my sister and I talked and talked and talked. We've decided 2013 will be our year.
        I was thinking about making a list of resolutions,but I hadn't got around it yet. I think the most important thing I could do this year is always try my best. Even if there are people who will try putting me down, belittling my ambitions, I just have to be the best version of myself I can be. If there is something 2012 has taught me, it is the fact that no matter how close you are to someone, how much you think you know someone, in the end you are the only one you can count on. You can't change others. All you can do is be at peace with yourself and everything else will fall in line. So stop worrying about what others think/say about you and live your life!


         Lately I've been into Joan Baez and tried reading about the whole Baez-Dylan relationship:


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