it's time to work a little harder

   My days are so dull nowadays, I'm even ashamed to write here. I basically spend every day either learning home,in my PJs, or learning at school.

excuse the 'study' face  

The strange thing is that I kind of enjoy this period in my life. I like learning for my Anatomy exam or working for my Math exam,but I hate studying for the Romanian one. We have to learn the essays by heart and I really, really loathe it. I'm pretty sure my worst grade will be at that exam.

To help me focus, I made an 'exam calendar'. You can't even imagine the satisfaction I have at the end of a day when I get to colour a square and know I'm done with it forever. 

The good news is that I still get to spend a great deal of time with Radu (not as much as I would like, though). I appreciate all our little moments together: the lunch date we had when we broke our forks in the pizza ( the pizza was great, the forks were awful :)) ), the mornings we spent cuddling in bed, the random texts and photos, the way we motivate each other to study more. 

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