stranded in this spooky town

   I'm not a patriotic person. At all. I'm the first to admit that Romania has a lot of flaws,most of them having to do with its inhabitants. But I've got to say, we do have a nice country.
   On Saturday I finally managed to visit the Berca Mud Volcanoes. I loved the lunar landscape and the fact that I didn't fall in the mud ( knowing myself,it's something close to a miracle).


The two-hour trip to Berca was spent talking about our country's history and politics ( my sister is going through a phase in which she's obsessed with history and reads a lot about it so I've learned a few things myself ). 

After hiking for about 30 minutes and seeing all there was to see, we got into the car and decided to try and find a vintage clothing fair we had heard about. Of course that after driving for 4-5 hours,we couldn't find it!

So we spent the rest of the day looking for a good restaurant, finding it and then driving home in the pouring rain.

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