summer in the city

   I know! Almost a whole month has passed since I've written a single word. But I did have a lot going on right now so I had to prioritize. My exams have passed and although things didn't go as smooth as I wanted it to go, I'm happy I'm done with them. I do, however, have to wait until mid-September to find out if I got into med school ( there are very slim chances,but I don't want to lose hope ).
    Until then I've decided to leave my anxiety behind and just enjoy these few weeks of holiday. After all, worrying won't solve a single thing.


    As soon as I was done with the exams, I went to Castelul Corvinilor, a castle I had never visited before. I was a little bit disappointed ( maybe just because I had read so many positive reviews about it that I imagined it in a completely different way. also,the fact that I am currently obsessed with Downton Abbey, the tv show in which every episode exhibits so many wonderful surroundings, couldn't help. )


I've also went out with Radu quite a lot, trying ( but definitely not succeeding yet ) to make up for the time I spent home, studying. I'm so grateful Radu is understanding and supportive. I could only wish everyone would find such a wonderful human being as my boyfriend. 

Another thing I couldn't wait to do was go to all the kangoo events that take part every Saturday during the summer. I went to 'Kangoo Rock' and although by the end of it I couldn't really breathe, I was happy I got to move and do something for my health.

I plan on being very active these couple of weeks so hopefully you'll see more posts soon. 

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