Happy Happy Joy Joy

        Yesterday I've been on an improptu trip with my family in Balchik,Bulgaria. Although my parents weren't impressed, I really loved discovering the old city, eating good food and spending my time at the beach.

        The city was lovely. I especially liked the fact that it's super quiet! Everytime I go to the seaside in Romania I find myself assaulted by the loud music. Here, I could even hear myself thinking!


         I ate at a wonderful restaurant by the sea. I chose the Chinese chicken with rice and also some garlic bread which was awesome. The BEST bread I've eaten in my entire life. 

           After lunch, my sister and I went for a walk in the city, took some photos, talked, made other summer plans..

          We loved the fact that there were lots of Art Galleries. Also, the small, old houses were adorable. We found at least 5 that we'd love to live in.

            I promised that next time I'll be in Balchik I'll try some of that too. Now I'm praying to God we won't go again soon. Yeah,I know, I'm a scaredy-cat.

          Sooo,that was my trip to Balchik. I'm really glad my summer started like this and I hope all 3 months will be filled with happiness, moments spent with friends and good laughs.                                

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