my life in snapshots

          Some days are just perfect! Saturday,Sunday and Monday have been that way for me. As I told you before, Saturday I went to see a play with my boyfriend. It was great: so deep and emotional and with wonderful actors. I'm glad to see there are still beautiful,talented individuals in a country where all the wrong values are promoted.

         On Sunday, we went for a walk in the park. We had a nice picnic with unhealthy,yummy food. I promise next time we'll eat vegan food! In the evening, I went again to the theatre,this time with my sister. We saw a comedy that wasn't as inspiring as the first play but at least we laughed a lot.

           Monday came by pretty quickly and I went out with my sister and some good friends.We went to a nice,little bar that had all kinds of old,communist commercials on the walls.It was good to go out after a long day at school,although I wasn't in my top shape.We talked about our latest projects, drank some good tea and all in all,spent a lot of quality time together.

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