I'm 18,I get confused every day

        Last week I celebrated my 18th anniversary. I spent a nice day with my family ( and no,I'm not ironic,it was really nice ) and complained about being older.

     I always thought that when I'll be 18 years old,I will be mature and live alone but I still feel like a kid. And that's nice,isn't it?!

       On another topic,my boyfriend and I found our special place. It's a little pub that's always empty and where we can drink amazing wine and eat soup (I love soup.I really think that soup is my favourite food in the whole universe).

       Until now,this week has been pretty good. I got to stay home and study for my exams. Of course that I planned to study all day long but I ended up studying between 2 episodes of  Community.

          So, with 'Fight Club' on my Kindle,waiting to be read, with special days spent in empty bars, with a wonderful boyfriend and amazing friends, I can say that right now my life seems to be on the right track. Everytime I remember last year and the nasty things that happened I can feel nothing but gratitude for what I have today.                                


               Lately,I've been obsessed with this song sent by a good friend:


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