put a ring on it

      I don't quite know when I've started liking rings so much but the fact is that I love buying and wearing all kinds of rings. It doesn't matter if they're big or small, silverish or goldish, old or new. That's why I always find myself searching for photos on tumblr or on weheartit . And since I have tons of wonderful photos,I've decided to show you some of my favourite ones:

       I've only recently started buying this kind of rings, but now I can't stop.

                                         I love this chic style!

          Wish I had a nail polish like this one. Also,the index finger ring
                                              is awesome!   
                   Everyone likes food so a 'food ring' is a great idea.

                                                This is soo cute!                           
          I've also taken a few pictures of some rings that I wear all the time : 

This is how I manage not to lose them in the mess that is my room :


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