water is overrated.try beer.

      After a long day at school and a nasty Chemistry test, I know you can understand my desperate need for a cold beer. And so did some of my classmates! So as soon as I finished my paper, we went to a local pub and had a lot of fun.

      We listened to good music, drank a lot of beer ( not me,the boys! ) and exchanged funny stories.

      I was super happy to go out with them,because we don't always get to hang out. I could have bet that we were going to have a good time! I look forward to going out again and make some memories.

Now that I'm finally home,in my comfy leggings and with a cup of tea nearby, I can watch the new Vampire Diaries episode and also enjoy an Oscar-nominated film .                                                                                                

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  1. your friend in the last pic looks like a guy i know named Trey