happy pills

      I can't believe half of my summer has already flown by. I gotta admit, I'm just a little bit stressed because I need to take an exam this week. And even though I feel like I'm prepared, I still have a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about it.

              last week, I felt the need for a change so I became a blondie.

       I don't know how most of you spend your summer, but for me the holiday means staying up late, watching countless movies and tv shows, reading whenever and whatever I want, sipping lattés and just making the most out of everything.

                       you've missed Dex and his child face, haven't you?

        Dex and Tara are also enjoying their summer a lot. They love going out and playing on the grass even though Dex is very jealous and can't stand other dogs who want to play with Tara.

        I'm currently planning a trip to the seaside with some of my classmates and I can feel, as I'm writing, that kind of excitement that foresees an amazing adventure. I hope we'll have the time of our lives!


            Perfect song for a summer night when a glass of wine is your best friend:


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