the seaside -part I

          I just came back from the seaside and it was wonderful.

          I had never been to the seaside with a large group of people until now and I was really looking forward to it. It wasn't quite the greatest experience but maybe I didn't find the right people to spend my holiday with. However, I was super happy because I got to realize how awesome C&C are.

            We spent our week in Costinesti, a small town that is always packed with teenagers looking to have fun. The sea was quite restless for a couple of days so we had to go to the pool, but it was alright, we didn't mind, especially because we jumped a lot in the water.

        I'm now ready to start preparing for this year's exams.It's going to be a hard year, possibly the hardest and definitely most stressful but I hope I'll do fine.                                                                                             

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