the seaside - part II

          I just received the last part of the photos today so you can imagine my eagerness to sort them and gaze at them for minutes, trying to remember every tiny detail of the trip.

           Yesterday wasn't my best day because I remembered just how much I don't like girls my age. And yes, I am a feminist, I do believe that women/girls are as smart as men/boys, but sometimes, especially after I see how off the rails their thinking is, I start to have my doubts. Anyhow, yesterday I also understood that I have some smart people by my side and that made me extremely happy and proud.

             Today is my last day of laziness and I'll use it properly, I swear. After this, tomorrow I'm going to take an exam and I'll start preparing for the year to come. I'll also catch up on my reading and my tv shows and start going to the gym again ( heeeellooo, kangoo jumps! ).

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