crappy weather and good music

   Stuck home,wearing fluffy leggings and studying for my exams. Doesn't sound so bad,does it?! That's how I spent my day,mainly because Bucharest is now under a cover of heavy snow. The schools are closed, the kids are happy and I go on,agonizing over the endocrine system.

drinking hot tea from my snowman cup just to celebrate
the winter-y weather   

The previous weekend was amazing. I finally bought the new Mumford&Sons album for my record player and also, I finally tried eating macarons. Loved it. Now, every time I listen to the album I feel like I'm part of a Haruki Murakami novel. I also found the book "Into the wild" and just started reading it. I sure hope it will be as good as the movie which is one of my favourites.

On Sunday I went out with Cris and two good friends to a nearby tea-house. The place was really nice and the company great.

we sat in the French Room of the tea-house

My favourite song from the album:  


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  1. It's a great song! Your post made me want to go have some tea )