stuck in a rut

   I've been sitting at my desk for about 10 minutes wondering how I should start this post. I feel as if nothing exceptional has happened since I last wrote here. I'm stuck in a rut. And what's amazing is that I think right now is the greatest moment to be sticking to the same boring routine. Exams are just around the corner and the fact that when I come home after 7 hours of school,I study for another 3-4 hours couldn't hurt,right?

                                          spent a relaxing day in Predeal with my family

   However, I still try reading/watching tv series/spending some time on the internet/going to the gym every other day because I don't want to become a complete nut job.  

   Things that help me relax right now:

  • reading 'The Great Gatsby'. I like it a lot.
  • watching 'The Big C' : a sad story presented with a funny twist. 
  • browsing this amazing blog : 

    So that's about it.

    Ah, also, this is my favourite scene from 'The Big C':


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