''It was the best of times, it was the worst of times''

   The long-awaited moment has arrived. I finally graduated! And I won't lie, despite all the ugly memories, I was a little bit nostalgic. Because highschool meant so much more than a fleeting period in my life. It meant learning to stand up for myself, losing some friends and gaining others, making my own decisions and being proud of them, falling in and out of love, letting go of the toxic people in my life, accepting other people's flaws, appreciating all the little things.


I'm happy I got to live all those moments because they made me who I am. Because of them I have more confidence in myself and I know I can get over anything. 

Four years ago I was a shy, little girl who was afraid to talk. I had never won a prize, I was never interested in anything that had to do with Academics, all my teachers thought I was a lost cause. Today I proved to  myself I can do anything I put my mind to. I finished second and most importantly, I was surrounded by people close to my heart. 

Excuse the face. Five hours of walking on high heels will do that to you! 

Not every picture is perfect :))

Next week I'll go to the prom and I have to confess, I am just a tiny bit nervous. Because, just as graduation, prom is an important step that once taken leaves behind a whole part of our life. A part that was safe and familiar. A part that hopefully prepared us for the next big thing: university!

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