sand in our pockets and nothing on our mind

   Unfortunately,I'm back in Bucharest after 3 amazing days at the seaside. Everything is kind of a blur now because so many,many things have happened.


   We initially wanted to stay in Vama Veche , a village well-known for its 1st of May parties on the beach but since we couldn't find any available hotels, we slept in a nearby village. The place was really quiet and provided a nice contrast to the noisy atmosphere in Vama.

   Every day I tried having as much fun as I could, knowing what the next 3 months will bring ( studying for exams, taking exams, studying for other exams and so on ) and I think I managed. I couldn't stop comparing these 3 days with the last time I went to the seaside with a group of people. I guess this comes to show that you just have to find the right kind of people for you. In the past I'd always sacrifice my principles for 'the greater good'. It was silly and I was the one getting hurt in the end. So the fact that these days were full of laughter, happiness and that I didn't have to accept people I didn't like was very eye-opening.


I'm only sad because we didn't get to see the sunrise but there's always next time.

there's nothing better than being dragged in the water while you're still dressed

Perfect song for our time at the seaside:

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