you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger,darling

              The past few days have been great. I've met with good friends,read another book by Haruki Murakami,saw a couple of great movies ( if you haven't seen 'Girl,Interrupted' yet,watch it asap ) and discovered a bunch of songs that have been on repeat ever since.

                There's nothing better than going out for a drink with your friends,is it?!

               This week,Louise,a good friend came home from France and she brought my sister and I a magnet for our cow-collection. It was pretty nice to see her and listen to all her funny stories while eating pizza and drinking cold beer. 

         Also,I haven't got the chance to tell you that this week my boyfriend and I celebrated our 15 months anniversary. Yes,we're that kind of couple that counts every second spent together.                                                       

        And since I'm sure you've missed Dexter, I wanted to show you his daily face. Yup,that's right. He smiles like that for no reason whatsoever.


               One of those songs that I was telling you about is this:


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