a perfect day

         Is there anything better than going out with your friends,having fun,wasting time,sitting on the grass and taking photos? I don't think so!

          After spending the last week studying for my exams,I've decided that a day spent in the park would be a great solution for relaxing and going back to my zen mood.

            I like the fact that everytime we go out I find out about a lot of books that go immediately on my to-read list.By the way,if you don't know  http://www.goodreads.com/, you should check it out.It's a great site where you can make lists with all the books that you've read or with the ones that you plan on reading.

            After spending a few hours in the park,we went for a glass of wine (yum!) at a nice bar, Fat Cat,where we listened to a lot of good,good music.

            I was a little bit sad that I didn't have my camera with me,but even the crappy iphone pictures are a nice reminder of the great day that we spent together. I can't wait to go there again today with tib.

           One of the songs that I rediscovered yesterday was :


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