nothing will outlive this

      Do you know how in the movies when outside it's pouring cats and dogs people usually stay indoors watching their favourite movies or eating way more than they were supposed to? Well, that's what I had planned for today. However,just like in the movies, plans don't always fall into place.

                      that's what I like wearing when I'm staying indoors.
                                 yup,shiny,comfy leggings rock.

        Despite the Londonish weather,my boyfriend and I went for a drink. And we had a lot of fun. The place was empty and warm so it was hard to leave it for the cold rain.

       Tonight,I plan on watching 'Magnolia' and 'Vanilla Sky'. It seems as though I'll never get tired of watching movies. Yesterday I saw 'Coco Chanel' and 'Lost In Translation' and loved them both.

                          drinking red wine while listening to good music.
                              it doesn't get better than this,does it?  

          Speaking of good music, this is my current obsession :


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