the night is young and so are we.

        Last week, my friend, Louise returned from France where she spent a year studying Economics. So,of course, we had to go out and celebrate! 

         We had a blast, I tell you! I had almost forgotten how much I love going out with my sister and L. It's at times like these that you realise who your friends are. I've been disappointed by a lot of people in the past, but when I got to sit and think about it, I came to the conclusion that everything that happens, happens for a reason and if people aren't in your life anymore, that just means they weren't supposed to be in it.


        Thank God, I still have a lot to be thankful for and I have last night to prove it! I'm sure we'll get to repeat the night for many,many times because, honestly, you can feel when you can count on someone.


          My song this week:

    ..and no,not just because it reminds me of this.                                         

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