after the concert

  I don't like when I realize that even though I blame the ones who have preconceived ideas about something or someone, I do the same thing.

   I've never liked Lady Gaga because it seemed to me that she always wanted to shock everyone around her. And I've never liked her music either. But I loved the concert she gave last night in Bucharest.

She has a gorgeous voice and she sure knows how to entertain a crowd. She didn't try to be someone she is not and it was great. I won't be the biggest Lady Gaga fan now, I don't even think I'll listen to her songs unless I hear them on the radio or in a club, but at least I understood how much media can change everyone's opinions and from now on I'll try to appreciate an artist for what he can do on stage.                                    

 Tonight I'll change the scenery a bit: I'm going to a rock concert and I can't wait.                                                                                                                                                                

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