my kind of day

  Yesterday has gone by really fast. I had a great day, one that I needed a lot.

      First, I went in the park with L, her mom and Cris and I got to see how out of shape we all were. After an hour of walking around, none of us could move a muscle. So we got in the car and did what any tired girl would do: went to the movies!

      We finally saw the latest Batman movie and I loved it! My favourite character was Catwoman. Anne Hathaway was gorgeous and the role suited her.

        After 3 hours of watching the movie and eating nachos compulsively, I went home and prepared for my evening run ( see,I still did something good for my health! ).

                                         she is amazing, isn't she?

       All in all, I had an awesome day that got my hopes up again. Today, I'll be attending Lady Gaga's concert and even though I really,really don't like her, I'm curious to see what kind of show she has prepared. I just hope she won't wear her meaty dress!              

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