last days of summer

   I've only got about 10 days left of my summer holiday and I can already hear the bells of the upcoming year ringing. So I'm trying to enjoy my last days before I start my final year as a highschool student.

     Today, I spent my day at the library, searching for books that deserve to fill my empty moments ( that usually means before going to bed ). I finally found "The diary of a young girl'' by Anne Frank and I can't wait to get my hands on it ( my sister is reading it at the moment ).

       After leaving the library, I met with tib and and we went for a drink but not before a quick photo session in the park. I always feel I don't have enough photos!

             I chose to wear a slinky as a bracelet because I love colours.     

                      I don't know what tomorrow holds, I just hope it will be
                                                as fun as today.                                    

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