reality bites

   I find it difficult to describe these past days. I've had some of the worst and best moments of my life. It's been almost a week since my dog,Tara, passed away. That was the worst day of my life. For the first time,I've really felt my heart breaking. I was so sad,I couldn't even cry at first. I just sat there,hoping it was all just a bad joke. I still have moments when I can't believe she's not with us anymore. Everytime I go to bed, I expect her to crawl at my feet or sleep on my pillow.

                                            I'll always miss you, Tara, my lovely dog.

    I know it in my heart I'll never be able to love another dog as much as I loved her. I just hope she found peace.


   After the loss, my family and I decided to keep one of the puppies because we want to remember Tara through one of her babies. So we kept a girl that we've named Maya.

    She's super sweet and she has the same gestures as Tara. She walks the same, sleeps the same,even snores like her. And as a bonus, she gets along with Dex, which is not easy to do.


     On the bright side, I'm going out with an amazing guy, Radu, who makes me laugh every day, enjoy every minute of every hour and who has taught me that I deserve to be happy.


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