autumn inspiration

    Just the fact that I am writing this while drinking a cup of hot tea reminds me how much I like autumn. It's my favourite season by far. I even love the fact that school started because, to tell you the truth, I was getting kind of bored.

      I love the fact that I get to wear sweaters with everything: dresses, skirts, jeans. I just love it!

        I want to try and redecorate my room for the umpteenth time. So I've already planned a walk in the park with my sister to find nice leaves and other autumny things.

        Tea, tea, TEA! Autumn is the perfect season for drinking as much tea as you please.

        For me, autumn is the perfect season for creativity. Creativity in all its forms: decorating, writing, painting.

         My autumn song:




  1. Great pics!!! I have a crush on that autumn braid :D